Lake Worth Interfaith Network
Photos from LWIN events 
Prayer inserted into the Western Wall in Jerusalem by Board member Ted Brownstein. Close this image and click the link in the text for further details.
Prayer inserted into the Western Wall by Board member Ted Brownstein during a trip to Israel.
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Visit to Palm Beach Dharma Center
Visit to Magdalene Carney Baha'i Institute, West Palm Beach
Visit to Contemplative Prayer Group at the Cenacle, Lantana
Presentation by Mayan Spiritual Guide Miguel Angel Chinquin Yat 
      - the beginning of the era of the Fifth Sun - December 12, 2012
Thanksgiving Day Services of Gratitude
World AIDS Day Memorial Service at Compass 

Celebrate the Light: A Cosmic Rebirth
December 22, 2012 ~  Bryant Park ~ Lake Worth, FL
2011 - 2016
Lake Worth 
Interfaith Network
501(c)3 Non-Profit
Thank you letter from the co-celebrants of the New Year Fire
Iftaar Interfaith Ramadan Dinners at Masjid AL Tawad, Lantana
National Day of Prayer with Mayor Pam
- First Thursday in May Each Year

Earth Day Peace Jam

Sacred Meditation Drum Circles
Martin Luther King Day Prayer Breakfasts 
- Third Monday in January Each Year
Visits to New Hope Missionary Baptist Church~ Lake Worth
Sacred Fire Celebrating the Mayan New Year
Panel Discussions - Love, Justice, Peace
Abrahamic Reunion Multi-Faith Gatherings
True Islam verse Extremist
- Ahmadiyyah Muslim Community