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Mission Statement

The Lake Worth Interfaith Network is a group of individuals and faith-based communities dedicated to promoting acceptance and understanding among our diverse spiritual traditions through prayer gatherings, education and compassionate action. 

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Embracing Peace for a Sustainable World was a huge success! 


Saturday, May 18, 2024 was the inaugural event, and it's sure to become an annual tradition.


The room teamed with happy attendees, treated to an array of mind, body and spirit activities and conversations.  The day began with Qigong with Dr. George Love which was followed by an Interfaith Peace Panel.  John Englander, our keynote speaker and author of Moving to Higher Ground - Rising Sea Level and the Path Forward, educated us about the perils of rising sea levels and that the best way to address this is through education and public policy. 

Guests were thent reated to an authentic Sikh Langar lunch.  A spirited drumming circle led by Buckley Griffis was a highlight and so much fun.  That joy was followed by gathering around the newly planted Peace Pole that was made so much better by Gurunam Khalsa.  The day finished with the mystic beauty of the Christian Taize service offered by St. Andrews. 

Throughout the day, the room buzzed with the potential of peace and harmony with each other and the planet.  The take-away?  Peace happens with each individual act of kindness and compassion that we do. 

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