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29 Days of

What is Anti-Racism?


Anti-racism is more than simply treating all people fairly. It means recognizing historic and ongoing vestiges of racial discrimination and actively work for a more just society. Join your neighbors in working together to build the Beloved Community.

You are invited to participate:


- LIKE and SHARE at www.

- Visit local Lake Worth Black History sites and learn about their significance.

- Donate to a cause such as Lake Worth’s MLK Scholarship Fund.

- Attend a worship service in an historic black church (ether in person or online).

- For daily inspiration, videos and more, visit our Facebook page






The Lake Worth Interfaith Network is a group of individuals and
faith-based communities dedicated to promoting acceptance and understanding
among our diverse spiritual traditions through prayer gatherings,
education, and compassionate action.


For daily inspiration, videos and more, see

LWIN is dedicated to promoting the creativity and joy that comes from a Diverse and Inclusive community.  With that in mind, here are 29 quotes for
29 Days of Anti-Racism

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Feb 02 23.jpg
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LWIN's 29 Days of

Anti-Racism Campaign

Click Here to Support local Black-owned businesses

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