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About LWIN




Early in the calendar year of 2005 a group of individuals with a deep desire to actively engage in religious reconciliation met and agreed to form a loosely structured network of like-minded people within the town of Lake Worth. By the time of the National Day of Prayer observance in May of that same year, Lake Worth Interfaith Network held their first community event, and an inspired dream became an actualized reality.













The  network has sponsored three prayer events a year since that time, continuing to honor National Day of Prayer, and adding Thanksgiving and Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations to their calendar.  Other interfaith events have included Passover Seder, Ramadan Dinner, World AIDS Day, Maya New Year Fire Circles, Kol Nidre and Summer Solstice Sacred Drum Circle. 












In November of 2011, several founding members answered an internal call to take the Network to the next level of its evolution. The Network's activity was expanded to promote a wider variety of events with the addition of educational programs, group visitations to houses of worship and service related projects. (See photos on Gallery Page.) The network is holding a vision of an ever-increasing number of actively supportive and involved faith-communities and individuals, working side by side to be a cohesive spiritual force in the city of Lake Worth and beyond. 

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